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Arashigore 2 years ago
Belle petite chatte jte defoncerai bien la miss
Kesida 2 years ago
The sperm donor (he is not a father) is a jerk for even daring to steal that role from her real dad; the girl is ..well, selfish, shortsighted, and a whole bundle of other words for the insult she has given to the real father figure in her life. She wants to have a destination wedding; unless you are in the category of the super rich, this isn't a sign of a mature decision maker. And her first impulse after somehow losing a large amount of money is to have stepdad waste his money on her silly wedding fantasy? Then she wants to top it off by cutting her stepdad out of the wedding so she can pretend the jackass who abused her father is a 'changed man' and walk her down the aisle...on stepdad's dime, more than likely, because I doubt the ex-con has the funds to fly there.
Gardale 2 years ago
Hi, y like my videos
Faesar 2 years ago
love that miniskirt
Akitaxe 2 years ago
thanks! РІСњВ¤

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